About Leaf Colors

Indie folk rock that speaks to the soul, Leaf Colors encapsulates the human experience. Like dying leaves that paint the autumn landscape, tragedy is turned into beauty, one hook at a time. 

Cycling between stints of dormancy and transformation, Leaf Colors has graced the stages of Seattle, Washington, in various incarnations. But one thing remains constant: songwriting that shows us what we all have in common - the plight of the human spirit. We are all unified by our shared experiences of life. Leaf Colors shows us that we might as well be dying leaves, and let our struggles help us bring out all of our true colors.

After focusing on producing the 2016 single "Sometimes" and the 2017 single "Feet Back on the Ground," Leaf Colors is now developing a new sound for live performances. Join the mailing list for updates on Leaf Colors projects. Get in touch with Leaf Colors to make something happen.

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